About Us

Talihau Beach is home to Lucky’s Beach Houses. We are located on the island of ‘Utungake in the middle of the Vava´u group of islands, connected to the main island of Vava´u Lahi via land bridges making access to the town of Neiafu very easy.
Two little beach houses and a duplex unit skirt the beach and offer a lovely view of the pacific and the surrounding islands. It’s the perfect place to relax, snorkel, enjoy the ocean and sleep to the sound of waves.
Lucky’s Beach Houses is a small family owned and operated facility.  We are available on site and strive to make your stay at Lucky’s Beach a pleasant one.  It is wonderful to meet all the great travelers that come to Vava’u.  Lynn & Kurt, your hosts, will do their best to ensure your stay at Lucky’s is an unforgettable one.

Being located in the village of Talihau allows our guests to see and feel Tonga.  Taking a short stroll in the village is a great way to experience the true Tongan way of life.  The Tongan people work hard and play harder.  To us, this is what Tonga is all about, Big Smiles and Happy people laughing and singing.  If experiencing real Tongan people and their way of life is of interest, then please join us for an experience we think you will enjoy.  If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.