Whale Swimming

Yes that’s right you can swim with the Whales!

In Vava’u, Tonga we not only have the privilege of Watching whales in the wild above the water, but we have the unique opportunity to observe the whales in the water!!

Imagine sharing the same space with a Humpback whale as she gracefully moves through the water, seemingly oblivious of your presence – it is one of the most phenomenal and most incredible experiences you will ever have. To watch as a calf comes up for a breath and look directly at you leaves you speechless.

To have the privilege of observing whales in the wild above and below the water is absolutely mind blowing!! There are many good operations to choose from for your whale swimming adventure.  We do not book the operations, but we are happy to recommend quality operators.
Just drop us and email and we will give you a list of operators.  We can work with them all and will ensure that you get to your boats on-time and frustration free.

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